Arabic student traffic police owed almost $ 100 thousand in fines

During the period from 2008 to 2010, a student from Saudi Arabia, who was in Dubai, has received 400 traffic fines totaling $ 69 754. Pay the bills he did not intend, and ultimately the traffic

15 February 2010

Rotating Tower - a new project in Dubai

“Living Tower” or the “Rotating Tower” - a new project of mega-towers, which planned to …

25 June 2008

New hotel from Trump for the richest people

Donald Tram decided to engage in the construction of a new hotel and apartments for …

24 June 2008

New services at the airport in Dubai

On Tuesday, representatives of the airport in Dubai announced that passengers with only hand luggage, …

18 June 2008

The strangest Hotels of the World

Forbes Traveler published the rating of the strangest hotels in the world. First place was …

23 August 2007

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