Pirammmida (2011)

About the film Pirammmida:
Russia, early 90’s. Country during the painful transition from a super-centralized planned economy to market relations. Ordinary people, before that lived in the stability

15 March 2012

The transition to economic methods

The transition to economic methods of management, strengthening the impact of financial-credit mechanism for the economy, improving pricing, improving logistics system

7 July 2011

Saakashvili appointed to the post of minister 28-year-old girl because she dances well striptease

The new minister of economy and sustainable development of Georgia Veronica Kobalia was in the center of a scandal. In the social network Facebook unveiled picture minister, her sister and three

26 July 2010

Why Russia wins Eurovision in 2007

Understanding of how the management of world politics and the economy gives rise to many …

8 May 2007

In Russia, the first book published under copyleft

Recently in Russia was published the first book in the copyleft conditions - it was …

29 November 2006