In Dnepropetrovsk Minin street renamed after Menachem Mendel Schneerson (Chief Rabbi of the city: “The Hebrew name of the street gave the Ukrainian nationalists!”)

Minin street in the central region of Dnipropetrovsk renamed after Menachem Mendel Schneerson - in honor of the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, the greatest Jewish leader of the XX century. The decision

15 December 2015

Saved from execution bull gay cured of homosexuality

Irish bull gay named Benji, who zoozaschitniki headed by the late creator of the animated series "The Simpsons" Sam Simon saved from execution at the end of 2014, he moved to the reserve, and

2 June 2015

Chinese produces a sensation, juggling mouth balls ping-pong table (VIDEO)

A resident of China Soong Fei attracted the attention of the press and the public the unique ability to juggle balls ping-pong table by mouth. According to the publication Shanghaiist, the man hopes

24 November 2014

Ukraine young parents named their son Evromaydanom

Political developments in Ukraine so influenced a young family from the city that the couple decided to call him Evromaydanom. Full name of the baby is: Tihun Evromaydan E.. The boy's father - an

28 December 2013

“EvroSMI”: A New Standard in Europe will force all bleed the same toilets

EU officials have proposed an interesting initiative. They felt that the toilets in the entire European Union should wash off the same way. For a new project even invented his code name - "EvroSMI."

3 November 2013

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