Why Ukraine wants to be a Russian?

The news that the Verkhovna Rada a bill providing for a ban on the use of the term "Russia" as a synonym for a geographical name of the Russian Federation, excited the minds on both sides. And it's

8 July 2015

Ukrainian media have accused militias to use weapons of the future, which breaks all in the head

Ukrainian UNIAN news agency reported today that in the east of the country militia used against security forces "MRI weapon that breaks everything in my head." According to the agency, the use of

13 October 2014

For installation suitcase Louis Vuitton brought an administrative action

Upon installation of the pavilion Louis Vuitton Red Square filed an administrative case, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the inspection to monitor the use of real estate in Moscow. As

30 November 2013

Single-girder overhead crane in Ukraine

16 November 2011

Chocolate diet forum

Use the air conditioner poslemytya hair with shampoo saves lives, or at least, the Savior em Ogurtsova diet Borodina hair, says Helen Kiervo, manager of interior “Kids Kate”, providing full-scope

25 October 2011

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