Chinese produces a sensation, juggling mouth balls ping-pong table (VIDEO)

A resident of China Soong Fei attracted the attention of the press and the public the unique ability to juggle balls ping-pong table by mouth. According to the publication Shanghaiist, the man hopes

24 November 2014

The Chinese are going to copy a whole city

The Chinese are going to build a replica of an Austrian town Halshtadt, which is called “the most beautiful place in the world.” To do this, tourists from China, visiting the village, taking

20 June 2011

Vyhozhennaya Chinese snake saved his family from fire

Several years ago a resident of the village of Fushun Yu Feng found at the threshold of his house a dying snake. He managed to leave reptile, after which he decided to let her go free. However, each

30 December 2009

Why are all Chinese look alike?

Experiments conducted at the University of Miami, showed why people are often unable to differentiate …

1 January 2008