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Poroshenko ordered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the victory over the Russians

Presidential decree prescribes organize festivities over the fighting on Mount Poppy. Poroshenko signed a decree "On the celebration of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen and the 100th anniversary of their

23 April 2015

Kremlin to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011 in the style Back in the USSR

According to the tender, corporate New Year’s Eve 2011 Kremlin officials will meet in the Moscow hotel “Klyazma manager on Dec. 18 to a narrow circle of 350 people. The celebration is planned for a

23 November 2010

In Russia, May 9, 2010 will be the first all-Russia Victory Parade

In honor of 65 anniversary of the Great Victory Day May 9, 2010 in Russia will be the first all-Russia Victory Day parade, said business manager of President Vladimir Kozhin.

“For the first time

22 December 2009

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