IDF soldiers for four months sleeping in a tree

20-year-old Bedouin, passing military service in the IDF, four months sleeping in a tree near the bus station in Haifa. He was afraid to return home because his parents and relatives have a negative

26 August 2015

Lviv family named her child Evromaydan

In Lviv, a young family who just recently gave birth to a young boy decided to name their child Evromaydan. Such a decision they took after a month the father goes to Eugene Tihun Evromaydan and ill

23 December 2013

The choice of light-brown facade administration has spent two months of Vladivostok

Neither members nor residents of the selected color does not suit

In Vladivostok, April 16 a meeting of the Committee on Budget, Taxes and Finance. Deputies reviewed the budget performance for 2011

17 April 2012

With all my heart with a bow and love

February is considered the most severe month of the year, so it is no wonder that this man’s party has appeared in the last winter month. February 23 The whole country has traditionally marks the Day

24 February 2012

Work Nizhyn

Bvb bow launched its streets, and other departments. Experience of driving October 12, 2009. We have a young lady, calmly and disappears. Laughter is two next month. Each day of work. Required to

25 December 2011

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