I visit all countries of the world

September 7, 2015 the first Russian people (even more precisely - of all residents of the former USSR and Eastern Europe) visited all the countries of the world. List of countries - this is a topic

18 September 2015

What you might not know about beer?

Beer - a great drink, it is today one of the most popular around the world. According to statistics, the beer is the main alcoholic drink for more than 50% of young people in the United States

2 May 2015

Russian flight attendant took third place in the world of beauty (after France and Singapore)

Compiled by an international rating airlines with the most attractive flight attendants. Employees of the Russian "Aeroflot" took third place in it. About this newspaper writes "My Planet". Research

17 April 2015

Rating of the American Foundation for the world’s most unstable countries: The most stable - Finland, Russia and Ukraine is stable at 1.13 times

Finland recognized as the most stable country in the world by the American Foundation Fund for Peace. Fund annual rankings of countries on the index of the threat of state collapse (Fragile States

29 December 2014

In Russia, the fashion house-shifters

Who built the first house upside down, is not known. However, according to the candidate of psychological sciences, teacher MSU. MV Lomonosov Oksana Levontinovoy this man was a pronounced extrovert

25 December 2014

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