In New York, could be fined $ 250 thousand. For insulting transgender

The City of New York Commission on Human Rights released a new guide on protecting the rights of transgender people. Now, no one has the right to call a man a man, if he considers himself a woman -

2 January 2016

Scientists have a new attraction explained lush female buttocks

Interest of men to the lush female buttocks is not associated with this volume of the body, and the bending of the spine. Scientists have found that men are most popular with women, which is back at

5 March 2015

Founders Darwin Award: Men die absurd death more often than women

Men more likely to die ridiculous way, the founders proved Darwin Award. The creators of the award, which was posthumously awarded to people who have died the most ridiculous manner, estimated that

12 December 2014

US police arrested a man taking a banana in his hand for the gun

27-year-old resident of the US state of Colorado was under arrest for having threatened police banana. It turned out law enforcement officers took the fruit of the gun. The protocol means that when

26 November 2014

Canadian blogger decided to fast on beer

Canadian blogger Chris Schreier decided at the time of the Catholic Lent go on a diet of liquids. The ration of men, according to UPI, since the beginning of March contains only water, coffee and

28 March 2014

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