Chinese produces a sensation, juggling mouth balls ping-pong table (VIDEO)

A resident of China Soong Fei attracted the attention of the press and the public the unique ability to juggle balls ping-pong table by mouth. According to the publication Shanghaiist, the man hopes

24 November 2014


Ufa sell new equipment. Press FE-100. 1, FE-1000. 1, FE-2000. 1 Microsoft BMI-1 Stiloskop SL-13. PSL-4 machine breaking R-0.5, P-5, P-50, P-100

8 May 2010

“Newsmakers 2006″: Tom Cruise in front of the entire planet

In the past year in the yellow press often remembered Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise. …

29 December 2006