Chinese Air Force took to the service of the Apes

Air Force China have adopted the monkeys. It is reported by China Central Television. The fact that the People's Liberation Army "high places" a serious problem with birds. Birds build nests in the

29 August 2015

Makarevich canceled tour of Ukraine due to health problems

Russian musician, leader of the Time Machine Andrei Makarevich suffered a concert tour in Ukraine with the program LOVE for spring 2015. This tour has been scheduled for the autumn of 2014, and

1 October 2014

The Scotsman has shown the red card gulls. Those flown

Once a resident of the Scottish city of Arbroath Ian Watson became annoying seagulls, a 54-year-old man began to look for ways to get rid of this problem - humanely.

Recently, throwing the remains

23 March 2012

Spending Presidents

The leaders of post-Soviet countries - are very busy people. They carry on their shoulders the burden of human problems and take care of people.

Usually it is the burden they carry several

7 December 2011


History prior to the plot of the program, says Charlie “the first liberator of the universe” receives from the chief among the people’s committee resolution intergalactic information problems that

6 November 2011

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