France-Presse: Kiev is not enough money to dissociate itself from Russia “The Wall”

Of the two thousand kilometers of borders with Russia, Ukraine could strengthen only a few hundred meters, to build a fence of metal mesh. More than a year ago, Ukraine has announced an ambitious

15 August 2015

The state will finance the “project of the century” at the expense of the pension airbags

National Welfare Fund (NWF), to ensure the stable operation of the pension system, becoming one of the few sources of financing for large infrastructure projects. At the expense of the FNB allowed to

7 November 2014

“Mail of Russia” will create a Russian analogue Amazon

FSUE "Russian Post" intends to create online trading platform, which is positioned as the Russian equivalent of Amazon and eBay. This writes "Kommersant", citing unnamed sources. In state-owned

5 November 2014

Ukrainian military will be obliged by law to shout “Glory to Ukraine”

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law that proposes to change the order of execution of the military greeting. The document's authors - MPs from the faction of "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok, Igor

9 October 2014

Photo Christmas “spree” Russians will give 11 days

Russians on New Year's holidays in 2015 will give 11 days - from 1 to 11 January inclusive. Earlier Labor Ministry has prepared a draft decree on the transfer of the RF output for 2015. Today

27 June 2014

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