Lviv family named her child Evromaydan

In Lviv, a young family who just recently gave birth to a young boy decided to name their child Evromaydan. Such a decision they took after a month the father goes to Eugene Tihun Evromaydan and ill

23 December 2013

Barack Obama twice disgraced the funeral of Nelson Mandela. “Where are you, Odysseus, his wife, child?”

U.S. President twice disgraced at the funeral in South Africa dedicated to saying goodbye to Nelson Mandela. First, Obama shook hands with Cuban leader Raul Castro. Second, he strongly amused himself

11 December 2013

In Makhachkala, the children played in the terrorist

In Makhachkala, looking for young "terrorists." On Sunday morning, three children aged 10 to 12 years, decided to play on the nerves of passengers trolley, who was riding down the avenue Akushinsky

29 July 2012

In Red Square started “White defile”

16:35 Activists in white climbed the stage of the Execution Ground, there waved ribbons and photographed. Many came with their children, also dressed in white.

Back to the exit from the area of

27 May 2012

The best resource in teh web

Desired Position: Engineer in the production department with a salary of 55,500 rubles Personal data: Name: Belgorod Sergey V. Gender: Male Age: 45 years Marital status: married, have children

26 March 2012

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