Wirtschaftswoche: Germany lost respect in the eyes of Russians

Tourist attraction Germany has fallen considerably in the eyes of the Russians in the last year. They believe that in matters of the Ukrainian crisis and sanctions against Russia Berlin decides not

21 December 2015

Poroshenko ordered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the victory over the Russians

Presidential decree prescribes organize festivities over the fighting on Mount Poppy. Poroshenko signed a decree "On the celebration of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen and the 100th anniversary of their

23 April 2015

Yuri Birch: We passed a US Senator authentic pictures, and it showed from the podium - it intrigues Russians

Combat Battalion "Dnepr-1" Yuri Birch, who was the defendant in the scandal with false photographs allegedly proving the presence of Russian regular troops in the Donbas, tried to justify himself

17 February 2015

Russians do not believe in unions. 68% low-evaluate the role of trade unions - VCIOM

According to a recent survey of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), a significant proportion of Russians (68%) of low value on the role of trade unions in protecting workers'

15 January 2015

Approximately two thousand Russian tourists travel agencies bankrupt “Labyrinth” and “IntAer” remain abroad

Mass export customers "Librinta" ended last weekend. As of this morning, abroad are about two thousand Russians who bought vouchers from this firm. Last group of Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro plan

11 August 2014

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