Astral cord: Moscow police detained correctors fate

November 13 Tver district court detained 11 people who, according to investigators, are members of an organized group of swindlers, acting under the guise of "International Centre for psychic and

10 December 2014

In the Tula jail drugs delivered with the aid of radio-controlled helicopters and balloons

For the delivery of drugs in prison № 1 Tula person in custody and their supporters at large have come up with such a sophisticated way. Used balloons filled with special gas, which tied the drugs

1 February 2011

(The Friday) Ghanaians arrested on charges in the disappearance of four penises

The court ruled Tamale detained 48-year old native of Nigeria, whose four men accused in the disappearance of their genitals. Nigerian himself says he was innocent.

According to one of the victims,

24 December 2010

In Voronezh, a policeman put a bullet in the head, showing off in a cafe Arms

In Voronezh, in the Sunday, November 14, 1933-year-old policeman pointed out with friends in a cafe buy brand new car. During the holiday law enforcement officers decided to boast service weapon. He

16 November 2010

Met and talked Dovlatov S.

Domingo has cleared a path with his sword, and soon, together with the rescue of his comrades to be near Dahreynom. Now all they held the line against the palace guard, and Ransom hacked already the

29 October 2010

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