Ukrainian media have accused militias to use weapons of the future, which breaks all in the head

Ukrainian UNIAN news agency reported today that in the east of the country militia used against security forces "MRI weapon that breaks everything in my head." According to the agency, the use of

13 October 2014


Debrecen is Hungary’s capital off the books, more than two hundred thousand inhabitants and is the second city in the country after Budapest’s largest. It is located on the east of the state in the

26 November 2011

Muslims celebrate the most significant event - Night of predestination, which, according to tradition, the Koran was revealed

In the Islamic East is down the most significant night of the year for Muslims - Laylat al-Qadr or the Night of Predestination. According to legend, in this “blessed night” the Koran was revealed. It

6 September 2010