Member regsoveta “Apple” accused the leader of the Novosibirsk “Parnassus” in “svolochizm”

Member regsoveta Novosibirsk "Apple" Svetlana Kaverzina called Novosibirsk leader "Parnassus" Yegor Savina "policy by a fag" and accused him that he "scored" by itself is the tasty "Academic

8 February 2016

In Rada registered a bill to ban elections in Donbass and the Crimea Russia

The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, headed by Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Oksana raw foodists have registered a draft law on the impossibility of holding elections in the Donbas and

6 July 2015

Bookmakers Greeks put on the victory of the opposition in parliamentary elections

Greek bookmakers are confident in the victory of the opposition leftist party SYRIZA in the upcoming Jan. 25 parliamentary elections - betting on her victory taken by a factor of 1.03, and for the

16 January 2015

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation suggested that the United States Department of State to evaluate the elections in the village of Astrakhan region

CEC responded to the United States attempts to assess the local elections in Russia. Office has sent to the State Department a letter asking whether Washington recognizes the election of deputies of

15 October 2014

Three people walking near Kemerovo, arrested for organizing “mass rally”

In Kemerovo, June 12, 2012, two local residents by appointment met near the cinema “Jubilee” to take a walk. On this day, all over Russia were protests for the resignation of Putin and fair

13 June 2012

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