Red string of luck

Not all celebrities are superstitious. Many of them are just different items as accessories. Some wear red thread on his hand, thinking that it heals them. In particular Madonna uses it because

5 August 2014

Leonid Kaganov started collecting quotations of great people on blogger

To hell with celebrities! The presentation and buffet bid to bloggers! Celebrity talk about eaten a salad one toilet, blogger - thousands!
© Henry Ford
Get loose on the Internet is like a fan on the

20 December 2009

Find out which celebrity you look like

Found site http://www.myheritage.com interesting piece called “Face Detection”. Generally upload their photo with, it is …

21 January 2008

10 secrets of Hollywood for good health

Look younger! Be more energetic! Forget about stress! Thousands of labels on cosmetic products promise …

11 August 2007

Paris Hilton to care for the disturbances on the beach

Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) today took care of human disturbances on the beach znametniteyshem Australia. …

27 December 2006

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